A farewell message from outgoing MA ENA SC President Sheila Silva

MA ENA President’s 2014 Summary

As I leave the office of MA ENA President, I would like to provide a short summary of the past year’s activities and highlights.

  • January – we held our first online meeting via GoToMeeting.  It was generally a success, the plan was to continue to use this forum, but the rest of our meetings were held in person.  We established the dates for the 2014 meeting and decided to have our spring meetings toward the center of the state to attract more central MA participation.  We also began discussion on the formation of an informatics committee as per our 2014 strategic plan.  All (annual) reports were turned in on time and we submitted our SAA application.
  • February – on our conference call we discussed plans for the State Leaders conference in Phoenix.  We were notified that we received the SAA.  We had our first communications committee call.  The TNCC 7th edition rollout began, coordinated by Diane Gurney and Faye Everson.  All instructors were provided with 7th edition provider manuals and instructor manuals.
  • I began work on the SAA application committee.
  • March - several officers (Sheila, Julie, Mary) and members (Paula Beaulieu) attended the State Leaders conference in Phoenix.  Topics included governance and advocacy, and fiscal operations.  The first call for delegates for the 2014 GA went out with excellent response.  We participated in a CEN review course in collaboration with the Boston ED consortium.
  • April – the first in person meeting at the Public House was held, with a speaker on Human Trafficking.  April 17 was NERS in Mystic CT, where Diane Gurney received the Karen O’Neil Award.  Excellent presentations were offered including one by MA’s Joe Blansfield on the Marathon Bombing. 
  • May – we re-initiated the informatics committee, now renamed communications committee.  We set out goals and needs for web site revisions.  Candidates were solicited for MA ENA secretary and 3 BOD members.  May 5-7 – the ENA day on the hill attended by Jeanne Ulmer and David Denneno. 
  • June – our second meeting at the Public House – unique forum for MNA and MARN to discuss current staffing legislation.  All delegate positions were filled.   Candidates for office were confirmed. 
  • July – the communications committee held discussions with web site vendors.  The choice as a local vender – Raskyl Inc.
  • August – the MA ENA election process begun.  We signed a contract with the web site vender and revisions began.  All delegates were entered into online management system. 
  • September – elections were held.  The new officers were entered online.  Our annual meeting was held at the Doubletree Hotel with a lively delegate forum discussion.  All delegates completed the online orientation.
  • October – we travelled with a full delegation to the General Assembly in Indianapolis which was as lively as ever, with our new delegates speaking out.  The MA ENA party was held and was a great success as usual thanks to Kay McClain – especially the frozen snickers.
  • November – the communications committee began reviewing the web site revisions (sitemap).  Finalizing of revisions is ongoing.  A very successful MENA Fall conference was held “Crisis in Behavioral Health: How MA ED Nurses are Meeting the Challenge” with attendance of over 60 nurses and great local speakers.  It was followed by our November meeting at Doubletree where MA ENA awards were handed out – Nurse Educator Pat LeTurneau, Nurse Practice Michelle DaSilva, and Behind the Scenes Lorettjo Kapinos.  New officers for 2015 were sworn in as well - Julie Bunn, Maureen Curtis Cooper, BOD – Laura Raymond, Faye Everson, and Paula Beaulieu.
  • December – we held our orientation and 2015 strategic planning meeting.  The 2015 budget was reviewed in detail and will be presented to members via an online meeting on December 16th at 7 PM.  Work is ongoing related to the web site revisions and the State Council Achievement Award. 



Finally, it has been a great honor and privilege to be the MA ENA president for the past two years.It has been an enormous learning experience and I have gained new insight into the amount of work, dedication, time, and planning that goes into maintaining an organization such as MA ENA.I finally feel that I am beginning to have an understanding of everything, including the budget thanks to Kathy Shubitwoski, and now it is time to step down. I appreciated all those who have helped and mentored me along the way (Diane, Faye, Maureen, Laurie and everyone) and who have been there to answer my many questions.I have been in emergency nursing for 37 years and although my body (especially the knees) has lost much of its agility, my passion for the practice has not waned.It is felt especially at times such as the 2013 Marathon Bombing and recent overwhelming weather conditions if NY, where ED nurses show their dedication and spirit and run to the crises instead of away from it.

Many challenges face us still, new disease crises such as Ebola and ongoing issues such as violence in our workplaces, but I know we are up to the challenge. Sometimes tough times make us forget why we chose nursing as a career but people always bring us back to reality and inspire us to stick to the fight.

Judith Kelleher (co-founder of the ENA) has been quoted as saying, “It takes a certain kind of person the work in the emergency department.It takes a lot of courage, and it takes knowledge”.Change is part of our everyday life and we must constantly adapt.

One of my favorite sayings is, “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”.Interestingly this quote is attributed to Jimmy Dean.As an organization we must adjust our sails to reach our goal of safe practice and safe care for all.


Sheila Silva DNP RN

MA ENA President (outgoing)


2015 MA ENA State Council calendar  2015maenacalendar.pdf