Phyllis Berg Scholarship

The Massachusetts Emergency Nurses Association is pleased to announce a scholarship program for Massachusetts ENA members. The Phyllis Berg Memorial Scholarship Fund is available to all Massachusetts ENA members and can be used for fees to take the CEN or CPEN Examination, once every four years.

Phyllis Berg RN was an active member of Beacon Chapter and the Massachusetts State Council of the Emergency Nurses Association. Phyllis is remembered not by her short eleven years as a registered nurse but by the difference she made during those years stepping into people's lives in times of extreme crisis. Phyllis's professional goal was to become a Certified Emergency Nurse. Massachusetts ENA established the Phyllis Berg Memorial Scholarship for members taking this exam. This voluntary professional credential elevates professional standards and emergency nursing care.

The awarding of scholarships will be based on available funding. The amount of the scholarship will cover the cost of the certification exam (CEN or CPEN) and will be prepaid directly to the BCEN once awarded.  If your hospital reimburses the RN when they pass the exam, the expectation would be for that RN to refund the monies to the scholarship program.

The scholarship application must be submitted prior to the exam date. You will receive written/ email confirmation of receipt of your application, as well as the date the application will be reviewed. Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee every six months or on an as needed basis. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be notified by email. You will then need to notify Scholarship Committee of the date of your exam so the check may be sent to BCEN. If for some reason, you do not take the exam, it will be your responsibility to refund the monies to the Phyllis Berg Scholarship Fund.

This scholarship is a wonderful benefit from the Massachusetts ENA State Council and Beacon Chapter Education Committee. We encourage your active participation in this program and Massachusetts ENA. If you have any questions about this program, you may contact or

Click here for the scholarship application