28 Sep 2022

2022 Annual Nursing Award Nominations

Each year the Massachusetts ENA honors nurses from across the state who make an impact.
Emergency Nursing is a dynamic profession with impacts from bedside to leadership and the
hope is to recognize the nurses that make a difference to their patients, co workers and
community. Below are the name of the awards that are given each year.

Any nurse in the state is eligible for nomination regardless of ENA status. Please consider
nominating a nurse you know who has made a difference in 1 of these areas:

New to Practice
This award recognizes a nurse with less than 5 years of emergency nursing practice who
exemplifies the ENA motto of Safe Practice Safe Care in her commitment to emergency nursing.

Nurse Educator
This award is given to a nurse who is either a formal or informal nurse educator in an
emergency department or in the community who is engaged in the education of nurses, techs,
and other ancillary teams with the goal to improve emergency care.

Behind the scenes
This awards recognizes an individual who consistently supports Massachusetts ENA without
the expectation of reward or recognition of this time, energy and effort. They may be a
resource for knowledge, support or to help move an idea forward.

Nurse Leader
This award is given to a nurse leader of a department that demonstrates excellence in nursing
leadership. This can be through advocacy, mentoring or other activities that improve the care of
emergency patients and the support of staff.

If you have any questions please reach out to massenapresident@gmail.com

**Deadline for submission is October 15th, 2022